Sunday, February 22, 2009

combat exhaustion

too much to do and no umph to do it?
burning the candle at both ends and feeling it?
just plain pooped?

that would describe my week month year...
well having had adrenal exhaustion in the past,
i know i don't want to deal with the long road to health and energy again.
i do not want to get started on coffee again, i know it will cause me more trouble than benefit...especially now.
so i decided to do a little research and found a couple of things that really helped.
first i made myself a very quick very easy chocolate pudding
with some superfood additions to it.
it had chia to thicken it and give me the same strong long lasting energy that the inca's used to feed their runners when they had to go the distance for days on end.
then i added : cacao nibs & powder, maca powder, 3 figs...
mesquite & agave for sweetness and energy,
almond milk and a pinch of sea salt (important)
blitzed it smooth with my blend tec
put in some gogi berries and pulsed it semi-smooth
no matter how tired one is-
chocolate pudding can make it down without too much trouble :)
it was delish- chocolatey dreaminess with slightly crunchy (nibs) slightly chewy (goji) texture.
and i was rewarded with some energy to get up and DO things.

then i was feeling the same exhausted feeling come on later that week
and lo and behold my first batch of wheat grass was ready
for harvest and juicing.

i cut it all down and juiced it thru my green star
[a wonderful investment, i must say!]
i juiced it all and came up with a double shot
(thinking later i believe the glass was 3 oz full)
it wasn't bippity boppity boo miraculous-

but the results could not be scoffed at by any means.
now i have another batch of wheat sprouting
and just can't make it grow fast enough!

i have to admit i was very hesitant to drink wheat grass
after all the things i read about how awful it is and that
people are nauseated and only hard core granolas can do it...
but i went ahead and tried it since, after all,
if you are doing shots.... well, it's not like it will be in your mouth very long.

i did not have that terrible experience at all... noooo
the juice was very very sweet, unexpected!!!
and i actually liked it.
when i was done i wanted more so i rinsed the pulp
and got a dilute juice, that was still good and green.
it made me feel sooo much better
and put a spring in my step - purpose in my stride
i DID feel better and had plenty of energy

it is deep winter in the adirondacks
nothing growing under feet of frozen white snow
there are no juice bars
there is no wheat grass to be found, fresh or frozen in any market.
the snow is coming down so thickly today
that i cannot see the lake from my window...
so if i want this deep green elixir
i must grow it myself.

i will post my adventures in growing W.G. in a future post
till then my tired little poppets-
juice up and go!

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