Saturday, May 29, 2010

in the dehydrator

in the dehydrator:
2 trays of banana slices
they are my yorkie's favorite snack
he acts as tho he is hooked on crack when i jiggle the jar.
also some chamomile

i have picked it 3 days and now have a tray of it in the 'D'
it smells like honeyed apples while it dries
mmmm (or was that bzzzzzz?)

the chamomile plants seeded themselves last fall
all over the garden.
now that i am ready to plant i am hesitant to pull them
(they transplant poorly)
so i am plucking the flowers daily
and planting around them
figuring that by the time the seeds come up
i will have harvested enough flowers for tea
and can pull the plants then.

the other plant that prolificated (i know, not a word)
extremely well was the feverfew.
an herb i planted to harvest the flowers as a tea for migraines.
i will have to plant this around the edge
of the lawn instead of the garden because
it is greedy for ground.
also the bee balm (melissa) is getting out of control
in the flower garden, completely overtaking
my clematis and peony. yes they draw hummingbirds-
but i like the other flowers too.

i am just establishing beds for the first time
at this old house that only had an azaelia and some
lilac bushes growing here, strange for a place
over 100 yrs old. i would have thought some women sometime
would have nested and planted something
besides weeds :)

so now i want to plant some boxes and pots for the deck
filled with flowers and herbs.
note to self- remember to regularly water them!

for dinner tonite i have marinating
lisa's raw on 10
broccoli & mushrooms.

so after it marinates i will put it in the D to soften and warm up

so off i go to finish sewing & ironing
have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

get going garden

feeling kinda wishy washy today.

i have a long list but every time i go to start something

i wind up not doing it, and feeling weepy.


i chose the seeds (like lettuce marigold) that i can free seed

into the empty spaces of my garden

and put them in a nice basket with my gloves & mat

brought it out to the garden bench

then i came back in

i was too tired to start.

but i just got up!

see what emotional weariness can do?


“A spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry.” (Pr 17:22)

one nice thing i noticed this morning-

my dwarf peach tree has 4 tiny peaches on it!!!

this is the first year to fruit

and i realize if i get 1 of the 4 to maturity i will be doing well.

it has been in the ground 4 years

the first year the winter almost killed it

it took the next 3 years to recoup.

what i really wanted was some cherry trees

but up this far north it's hard to get a sweet cherry

that can make it thru -0's in zone 4

they are my fave fruit.

as soon as i get my mojo back

there are so many things i want to create

and work to completion (like my book!)

i am almost finished with a set of boy & girl

antique daygowns- just need closures in the backs

and i am certain that won't get done till

the morning of the baby shower! lol!

i did the hand work at the hospital while my friend

was having a many hour brain tumor removal surgery.

the boy one has a bunny embroidered in the front

centered between the tucks,

and the girl one has tiny flowers embroidered

on the bottom of each pintuck (28)

the recipients are best friends who found out

they are due a day apart. their children are bound to be

best friends too. sweet, isn't it?

but today i must do the garden

well, today and tomorrow.

i better check if i have the water turned on

to the garden (a series of hoses strewn across the lawn

from the house across the trickling stream

and over to the garden.)

i have a few recurred (self seeded) lettuces

ready to pick and will use them in a lunch salad.

now to think of which salad dressing to make...

and my chamomile self seeding went crazy

...of course in all the wrong places

but ready to begin picking,

along with some lemon balm & spearmint

all that i use for tea.

ok, i am talking about the garden too much

it's time to DO.

so i figured out a way to not be overwhelmed.

set the timer for 15 minutes

and do what i can.

then do it again later, etc.. till i have it handled.

that way i can come in and rest in between.

a trick i learned from

keep on keeping on my peeps



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what a week.

my brother in law is missing.
this is not like him at all.
the police have a bolo and apb out to find him
my poor dear sister, i wish i could take her anxiety
and make it vanish, and make him appear.
we are praying he is alright.

then i got a call that my friend was going to be taken off life support today.
so we went over and sat with her and her family.
i stayed until the coroner took her body away.
it was one of the saddest afternoons ever.

so now i have this pounding headache and don't know why
really i do.

monday we have another friend in a tough spot
he is undergoing brain surgery for a tumor
and only has a 50 50 chance of living thru it.

what a week.

i hang on to any bright spots that i find.
tonite i spoke with my children on skype
and got to see the grandbabies (skype is wonderful)
and the sound & pic both worked, yay!

well i am exhausted in every way possible
going to hit the hay early.
tomorrow is bound to be better, i hope.

Monday, May 17, 2010

home again!

here is where i went this weekend- the turquoise barn...

it is a bed & breakfast catering to the raw/vegan/vegetarian palate
and has a shop/gallery filled with all kinds art pieces & cool things :)
creations by Michelle Premura & Michael Milton
the couple that owns & runs this unique getaway
located in bloomville, ny.
a very neat place to hang out
i will be writing about my fun stay here
and there will be some wonderful pictures to share too
stay tuned :)

meanwhile check out michelle 's website
and facebook page

Saturday, May 15, 2010

this is it!

whoopdeedoo, here i go!

raw food b&b weekend....
too bad the highway is shut down for like 5 exits
(at exit 18 there is a gas leak under the 87 overpass)
so what, i'll go the scenic route and be a little late.

more to come

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

not fallen off the face of the earth...

have i really skipped all april and some of may
without blogging??
see what happens when you don't own a computer

i am here
and getting my class plans together
to teach the summer classes on raw food.

the exciting weekend (next weekend)
will include a trip to a b&b that caters to rawness
yip yip yippee!
i will be doing a photo shoot
and sending the pics to a magazine
and just maybe they will be printing an article on
this b&b with .... my photos!! ;)
so, even tho i did not replace my broken laptop yet
i did replace my broken camera just in time!
(funny how everything goes kaput at the same time)

i took my new camera to texas and visited my grandkids
and of course took hundreds of photos. (had to test it out)

i had spent the previous 6 weeks power sewing & smocking
for the little ones, and that's how i was able to
completely leave off blogging altogether.

this week's project is to build a couple of
colloidal silver generators
i spent yesterday hunting down the parts i will need
and now i must wait for the silver wire to arrive by post.

on the food front-
i have been adding a small scoop of chia seed
to my green smoothies, instead of nuts.
it's good!
it makes them more satisfying and filling
and i can go longer between meals without
the extra fat & calories.

so that's it in a nutshell
hope you have all been well!