Friday, May 28, 2010

get going garden

feeling kinda wishy washy today.

i have a long list but every time i go to start something

i wind up not doing it, and feeling weepy.


i chose the seeds (like lettuce marigold) that i can free seed

into the empty spaces of my garden

and put them in a nice basket with my gloves & mat

brought it out to the garden bench

then i came back in

i was too tired to start.

but i just got up!

see what emotional weariness can do?


“A spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry.” (Pr 17:22)

one nice thing i noticed this morning-

my dwarf peach tree has 4 tiny peaches on it!!!

this is the first year to fruit

and i realize if i get 1 of the 4 to maturity i will be doing well.

it has been in the ground 4 years

the first year the winter almost killed it

it took the next 3 years to recoup.

what i really wanted was some cherry trees

but up this far north it's hard to get a sweet cherry

that can make it thru -0's in zone 4

they are my fave fruit.

as soon as i get my mojo back

there are so many things i want to create

and work to completion (like my book!)

i am almost finished with a set of boy & girl

antique daygowns- just need closures in the backs

and i am certain that won't get done till

the morning of the baby shower! lol!

i did the hand work at the hospital while my friend

was having a many hour brain tumor removal surgery.

the boy one has a bunny embroidered in the front

centered between the tucks,

and the girl one has tiny flowers embroidered

on the bottom of each pintuck (28)

the recipients are best friends who found out

they are due a day apart. their children are bound to be

best friends too. sweet, isn't it?

but today i must do the garden

well, today and tomorrow.

i better check if i have the water turned on

to the garden (a series of hoses strewn across the lawn

from the house across the trickling stream

and over to the garden.)

i have a few recurred (self seeded) lettuces

ready to pick and will use them in a lunch salad.

now to think of which salad dressing to make...

and my chamomile self seeding went crazy

...of course in all the wrong places

but ready to begin picking,

along with some lemon balm & spearmint

all that i use for tea.

ok, i am talking about the garden too much

it's time to DO.

so i figured out a way to not be overwhelmed.

set the timer for 15 minutes

and do what i can.

then do it again later, etc.. till i have it handled.

that way i can come in and rest in between.

a trick i learned from

keep on keeping on my peeps



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