Saturday, November 27, 2010

another happy class

a wonderful day is coming to an end
and i want to thank my star pupils from today's class
what a wonderful day this has been :)

alas i took my camera out but did not snap pictures
as i had planned on... i guess cheffing sidetracked me

i am hoping perhaps one of my students (hint hint)
will think of emailing me some photos


i just ate one of the remaining brownies
that didn't get eaten during class
and yummo!!!

and such an easy recipe too, very fast to make.
it's teaching classes like this that remind me
of the good old recipes that started me off on the raw path.
the simpler the better.

ok, off to spend time with my hunny and my pup.
have a wonderful evening all

Monday, November 22, 2010


just a quick note
i will be teaching a basic raw food prep class
this saturday (11/27/2010) at 11 am
if there are any additional students wishing to take this class
please let me know and i will let you know if there is still room in this class
sorry for the late notice: we had a shift in our calendar at the last moment.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Sunday

fall behind and spring ahead
the motto of the time change
for daylight savings...
did you remember?

more like fall behind!
(and the corresponding- sleep too late!!)

i spoke with someone in arizona
and she said they do not observe daylight savings time

i have been very very neglectful of my blog
but so much has been happening (many many losses of late)
that i have been in a sort of
shell shocked state.

then i caught some bug
and have been feeling absolutely rotten.
good thing for my 4 thieves oil to clean
and netti pot with salt for rinsing my poor nasal areas.
thankfully i feel like i am beginning to be on the upswing again
because things(ie the mess)
around me are beginning to bother me
and that antsy feeling is starting to take hold
to DO something!

well off to continue de-germing the house-
and make a list of what i want to accomplish
in the next week
and the rest of this year
(i love crossing off the "done" items)

still trying to get it together
but it's closer now :)
i hope ;)

take care