Tuesday, November 24, 2009

62:100 easy brownies

62:100 easy brownies

a quick and easy recipe that has reeeeally
helps out in the throes of cravings- especially the chocolate variety


1 cup walnuts (unsoaked)
1 cup dates (pitted unsoaked)
1/4 cup cocoa powder (you may use carob if you like)

Place in food processor, and blend until well blended; should still be dry and chunky, appx 30 seconds. Press into a small springform pan. Refrigerate until you can insert a knife and it isn't too sticky.

Cut into little pieces, then place in plastic baggies and freeze.

They can be eaten fresh from the fridge or from the freezer.

(Note: Sometimes you have to add a teaspoon or so of water so they stick together. You can also form them into balls and then roll them in raw coconut.)


2 small ripe avocados
1/2 -3/4 c agave nectar (raw "blue" agave is best, but is harder to find)
1/4 c raw cocao powder (or less)
2 T coconut oil
1 T alcohol-free vanilla
dash of sea salt
dash of cinnamon (optional)
banana or strawberry slices for garnish

Place everything in a VitaMix or high-power blender or food processor and blend (on high) until very smooth.

Keep stored in an air-tight container in the fridge.

*you can find this brownie recipe and many others from raw friends
on alissa cohen's raw food talk forum


60:100 disappointment

60:100 disappointment

sunday after worship, we took the speaker out for a meal
the group chose applebees.
i felt no trepidation, because i know how to order a custom salad
i have done it often, successfully even...
by looking at the complete menu so i know what ingredients they
have in the kitchen,
and ask they use only what they have- what could be easier?
so that's what i did...
the 8 other meals came out and then our waitress vanished
my table spot naked and empty.
they are taking their time making a really wonderful artistic salad
...or so i told myself..
tick tock
the next time i saw out girl i asked and she went to check on it
tick tock
she comes back all cute and apologetic with a salad
seems the chef didn't understand what she meant
so she told him, beaming she set a salad in front of me and vanishes again
ok i can remove the croutons, but the cheese was
microplaned into hair thin whispers
the serious problem tho was the bacon bits all over the beautiful deep greens
(he failed to add any other veggies except 3 mini grape tomatoes
and thick slices of onion. so much for artistry)
i couldn't deal with that due to my extreme allergy that would either put me
in the hospital or kill me if i ate any food that even touched bacon.
i waited for her to return
tick tock
when she finally did (i think the rest of the table was 3/4 done by then)
i told her i couldn't eat this and that i only wanted veggies- no bread,
no cheese and definitely no bacon. she apologized and took it back
tick tock
out comes another salad and poof! she's gone.
i saw 2 croutons peeping out from under the salad
and did some digging
come to find out- all they did was remove the top layer
there was still bacon cheese and lots of croutons underneath
i was to get no dinner.
tick tock
she came back and i explained handing back the salad
and said just take it off the bill
and no i don't want anything else instead
(um the salad was the ONLY thing i could eat there)
and no thank you- i do not want a free dessert.
i left that place very disappointed.
and they won't be seeing me again.

some places are very good about making a custom meal for
the 'allergic' customer.
applebees is not.
cracker barrel was surprisingly good at it, and so was red lobster,
who would have thought it?

be warned ye raw friends!

so i came home and had some warmed red pepper bisque
some raw chocolate halva
and a cup of herbal tea
i am fine.
much finer than my poor sad friends -who probably had heartburn that nite.

my friend susan suggested i carry this card, one that earth mother had created:

it may indeed help at most places
but in a place where there is no vision, perhaps not.

until next time-

58:100 tart recipe!!

58:100 tart recipe

i had some fun on friday
had a little foreign film festival for the girls
and we had a blast, i even overslept the next morning!!
here is what i made for the treat (theme: french)
fruit tart

and everyone just slurrped it up making yummy sounds
(the crust is chocolate almond, the custard filling from macs and the fruit was dipped in agave)
it was the best raw dessert there. the only one, haha!
which i ate with gusto.
the recipe is found here
but i edited mine a bit.

GreenChef Jana | Fresh Fruit Tart with Chocolate Brownie Crust

Fresh Fruit Tart with Chocolate Brownie Crust (raw)

This dessert is so light and refreshing but not easily forgotten. You can make it all year round and just change out the in season fruit for the topping. Great for summer parties or dinners.

Makes 4 small tarts

For the Chocolate Brownie Crust:

2 Cups Raw Almonds

2 TB Agave Syrup

2 TB Maple Syrup

1/2 of One Fresh Vanilla Bean

1 TB Coconut Butter

1/4 Cup Cacao Powder

Pinch of Sea Salt

Crust Instructions

Chocolate Brownie Crust In a food processor, process the almonds until they become a fine meal. Then add the rest of the ingredients and process again until a ball forms. Take out the moist dough and divide it between 4 4″ tart pans with removable bottoms. This mixture is rather moist and sticky at this stage, so the easiest way to press it into the tart pans is to place plastic wrap over it and press down on top of the plastic wrap until firmly pressed and shaped into the tart pan. Leave the wrap on them and place them in your freezer while preparing the creme filling.

For the Cream Filling:

1/2 Cup Cashew or Macadamia Nut Butter

1 Cup Coconut Meat

1/2 Cup Coconut Butter (Oil)

1/2 Cup Light Agave

2 TB Pineapple Juice

2 TB Vanilla Extract

2 TB Lime Juice

2 tsp. Lime Zest

Pinch Sea Salt

Filling Instructions

Creme Filling Process ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender until smooth and creamy. Take out the tart shells from the freezer, remove the plastic and with a spatula fill each tart shell half way. Then place back in the freezer for an hour or two to set. Once they are done and firm add the fresh fruit on top and serve. These store well in either the fridge or the freezer. I really like them a day after having the fresh fruit on them because the juices from the fruit start to seep into the creme and add to the flavor.

For the Fruit Topping:

Any Fresh Seasonal Fruit








Final Instructions

For a Glaze Topping simply dip the fruit in a small cup filled with agave syrup and then arrange on top of the tart filling.

These tarts are so beautiful I didn’t want to eat them. Fresh whole fruit is just so lovely and amazing like vibrant flowers. Finally I broke down and ate it. It was very good but I have to say it looks richer then it tasted. It is very light and subtle tasting, refreshing. You can use any fruit you have or any fruit that is in season where you live. Berries are gorgeous and of course go so well with the creme filling. I had an idea to make the crust a chocolate one to contrast the color of the white creme and the vibrant colors of the fruit. I had no idea that it would come out so moist and soft. I kind of liked it that way, reminded me of a chewy brownie. But be warned that it starts to loose it’s shape after a while at room temp. You might want to keep it chilled until right before serving. You can also simply omit the coconut butter in the crust for a drier crust as well. Even though this makes cute little small tarts, you can also just make it into 1 large 9-11″ tart. Again, these ingredients are very good for you, so enjoy with prideful pleasure.

You might be wondering what kind of coconuts to get. Young coconuts work the best and are the healthiest for you. These typically will be shaved down and look like a white round tent with a pointed dome roof. As far as the shape. That’s how you will typically recognize them. If you are lucky enough to find local ones or wild ones depending on where you live, those will be the best option you can choose. As far as choosing coconuts, search the coconut for any purple color, esp. on the bottoms of the coconut. If there is purple color on it, don’t get it. This is a sign that the coconut is starting to mold and go bad. Choose ones that are completely white on the outside. And as far as the meat and water, here is a general rule of thumb. The lighter the coconut, generally the firmer and more mature the meat is and the more meat there is in the coconut and less water. And the heavier the coconut is, generally the younger and more water it has with softer more jelly like meat and less quantity of meat. How do I know this? Well the theory goes that the water is heavier then the meat, and so far my theory has seemed to be true from my experience with them. Which one you want will depend on your use for it. For blended recipes like this one, either kind of meat will do, although softer is a little better. But for recipes that use coco- nut noodles or other sliced or shaved coconut, you will want to find coconuts with a firmer and thicker meat, so look for the lighter ones for those recipes.

i also made a delectable pear crispy from a recipe out of
the french laundry cookbook
that i will definitely be remaking in a raw way.
some of mine came out too dark
because i walked away from the oven for 5 min.
they all should have been light colored- the dark ones i'm told
tasted like campfire marshmallows -in a good way.
my dh was my taste tester and gave me the green lite to serve these:

there was only 1 left when everybody bustled out at the end of the evening.
i will remake these raw my friends- they were really beautiful.
i just think the dehydrator may do the trick with some special marinating

till next time-

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

56:100 the perfect 10

56:100 the perfect 10

we all want to have success in the raw food endeavor,

especially first starting out…

or after a few false starts

or even off-da-wagon falls….

so what can help?

a personal raw chef in your kitchen?

yes but…

i don’t know too many who can afford that, so now what?

do you think it would help to have a mini recipe book

with 10 go to recipes that are fast and fabulous?

it helps me… and many others who are already using

this technique. all you have to do is pick out the 10 things

that really hit the spot and don’t take much time or

fancy-schmancy ingredients or days to prepare.

the easy thing to do is to type up

(in font that doesn’t need glasses-

you will see why later..when you go to make it)

and print some easy favorites and keep them in a

drawer in the kitchen or tape them to the back of

your cabinet doors… some place handy, & visable…

then the next time you find yourself prowling for food

and no idea what to eat-

don’t reach for that oreo, bag of potato chips

or wedge of cheese…

make one of your presto foods to take the edge off

of the unreasonable hunger and give yourself time to think

and make a better choice.

sometimes it’s a fudge-ball

(almond butter and cacao powder-stir+eat )

other times it may be a flax-cake

(ground flax, coconut oil sweetener, cinnamon, water..stir+eat)

maybe a quick cream soup

(water, nuts, nama shoyu, veggie of choice, spices- blender+eat)

get what I’m saying?

these are a few of my fast 'go-to’ foods,

pick the ones that make the biggest emotional impact for

you. it will help more than anything, you’ll see.

make your perfect 10 recipe booklet today,

be sure to cover all the situations that leave you wavering

…breakfast, lunch dinner, snack, sweet, salty,

a comforting HUG food….

remember it has to be YOUR favorite!


finish that 100 day challenge with a BANG!



Thursday, November 12, 2009

50:100 green smoothies

50:100 green smoothies

half way to 100!!

just because they are soooo good:

karen knowler a raw food coach

phillip mccluskey who lost over 200 #'s on raw food

sergei demonstates how to make a green smoothie

green up your lives a little!

Monday, November 9, 2009

47:100 animal vegetable or mineral?

47:100 animal vegetable or mineral?

the value of a plant based diet explored
in this 1-1/2 hour documentary aired on pbs
called 'eating'
*note- please screen this before allowing your young
children to see this adult geared information.
there are graphic depictions towards the end of
the film dealing with factory farming.

even if you don't agree with everything
there is enough here to give pause for consideration.
i personally don't think there is any one thing that can
eradicate all health problems & greed (save God's kingdom)
i know very healthy people who get sick and die
but right now, every little bit helps!
small changes = big returns

stay safe & healthy-

Sunday, November 8, 2009

46:100 enzymes

46:100 enzymes
when you heat food above a certain temp (generally around 118+)

the poor little enzymes begin to perish by the droves

The enzymes in raw foods are destroyed by heat

Most raw food, like our bodies, is very perishable. When raw foods are exposed to temperatures above 118 degrees, they start to rapidly break down, just as our bodies would if we had a fever that high. One of the constituents of foods which can break down are enzymes. Enzymes help us digest our food. Enzymes are proteins though, and they have a very specific 3-dimensional structure in space. Once they are heated much above 118 degrees, this structure can change.

Once enzymes are exposed to heat, they are no longer able to provide the function for which they were designed. Cooked foods contribute to chronic illness, because their enzyme content is damaged and thus requires us to make our own enzymes to process the food. The digestion of cooked food uses valuable metabolic enzymes in order to help digest your food. Digestion of cooked food demands much more energy than the digestion of raw food. In general, raw food is so much more easily digested that it passes through the digestive tract in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time it takes for cooked food.

Eating enzyme-dead foods places a burden on your pancreas and other organs and overworks them, which eventually exhausts these organs. Many people gradually impair their pancreas and progressively lose the ability to digest their food after a lifetime of ingesting processed foods.

The following digestive enzyme supplementsicon aid digestion:

  • AMYLASE works to breakdown carbohydrates i.e. starches, sugars
  • BROMELAINicon taken from pineapple plant, helps break down proteins
  • HCL hydrochloric acid stimulates pancreatic secretion, activates pepsin and sterilizes the stomach from bacteria and parasites
  • LACTASE needed to break down lactose found in milk products
  • LIPASE works to break down fats into fatty acids and glycerol
  • OX BILE improves fat digestion, stimulates bile flow, aids gallbladder
  • PANCREATINicon contains protease, amylase, and lipase, functions in the intestine and in the blood
  • PAPAINicon extracted from papaya fruit, aids in protein digestion
  • PEPSIN breaks down proteins, function depends on availability of HCL
  • PROTEASE works to breakdown protein into amino
enzymes are what will help you digest your food and that gives you energy to do other things.
(ever tired after eating a big meal?

that's you working hard to digest)
by adding more raw foods with enzymes intact-

you take a load off the digestion process thereby
you feel more energetic right away.
i have done many raw food chef certification classes

and just raw food classes
every one every time
walks out of my kitchen marveling
at how good they feel
and even though they ate a lot of food with all the tastings-
they were not 'stuffed'

The food enzyme theory in a nutshell

  • That the enzymes present in raw foods are of significant help in digesting the foods themselves once they are put into the human digestive system.

  • That cooking destroys these "food enzymes," forcing the body to produce more of its own digestive enzymes than would otherwise be necessary to digest the food.

  • That the body has a finite lifetime "enzyme potential" for manufacturing digestive enzymes, which is important for preserving health and longevity; and a portion of which is unrecoverably "used up" in producing otherwise unnecessary digestive enzymes each time cooked foods are eaten.

  • That enzymes in raw food also carry the "life force," which can be transferred to the body, enhancing vitality and longevity; and that the body must use up some of its own "life force"/"enzyme potential" to compensate whenever cooked foods (that have no life force/live enzymes) are eaten.
(the in depth chemistry & biology of enzymes can be found here)

but just because you are eating raw food-
don't forget the little enzyme
i remember reading of Clent Manech's amazing raw food transformation
and was reminded of it this morning by my rfr friend jodi

and wanted to share one of the points he made
about the enzyme supplements:

find a broad spectrum formula/enzyme-active. take them to help take the load off of the liver. enzymes help soak up the poisons stored in the fat cells rapidly dumping in the blood stream as you lose weight. it's part of detox.food enzymes are also essential when eating cooked food. cooking kills the natural enzymes. taking a supplement will help your food digest easier and help your colon to pass the food.

think it will help you?
look what raw food (especially green smoothies) and enzymes did for him:

at 400.6 starting weight

then after 20 short weeks at 273.4 pounds

From 401 down to 176 pounds in
12 months. Lost 225 pounds.
No diabetes. No fatty liver.
No medications

he is just one of many many people who have turned around
their lives
and have been able to really begin living fully again.
is all i can say! remember living foods are best!
(no, not live chickens etc...-by now i hope
you know i mean vegan foods)

if you are not doing it already-
try adding green smoothies and enzymes
to your 100 day challenge
(well in 4 days we can call it the 50 day challenge if you haven't begun yet)

have a lovely day all-



Friday, November 6, 2009

44:100 cabbage

44:100 cabbage
the boutenkos have sent me an article that i enjoyed.
they have been so wonderful with the informative pieces
they make available for our benefit.
i was particularly enlightened by their book 'green for life'
on the value of greens in the diet.

today we'll consider that article they recently wrote,
about a veggie that i really do love, red cabbage!
i enjoyed learning the point that red cabbage has antioxidants, comparable to blueberries, goji berries, and even to acai berries. especially when you consider how much those berries co$t!!
thank you for the info!

i grew red cabbages in my garden and they did superbly in my zone 4.
next year i intend to grow lots more :)

The Simple Miracle of Red Cabbage

Recently, Michael Greger, M.D. re-inspired me to include more red cabbage into my diet. I was watching his new DVD set called “Latest in Clinical Nutrition,” where he presented a study, showing that red cabbage posses a huge amount of antioxidants, comparable to blueberries, goji berries, and even to acai berries. It’s amazing to discover that the antioxidants in cabbage are equal to these antioxidant berry superstars, especially when you consider the costs.

I decided to check other sources and found a lot of useful information about this widely available vegetable. Red cabbage is loaded with glucosinolates – so called “indirect antioxidants” that trigger a cascade of the body’s own natural detoxification enzymes. A 100 gram (about 3 ounces) serving of raw red cabbage delivers 196.5 milligrams of polyphenols, of which 28.3 milligrams are anthocyanins. These are the same anthocyanins that give berries their vibrant colors. These antioxidants also neutralize harmful free radicals and flush them from your system. Anthocyanins make red cabbage the highest ranking cruciferous vegetable on the ORAC list (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Unfortunately, the researchers have only measured antioxidants in cooked red cabbage. I believe that if they calculate antioxidants in raw red cabbage, these numbers will at least double.

In addition to filling you up with fiber and water content, red cabbage’s anthocyanins may also support weight loss by increasing your body production of two hormones: adiponectin (fat-burning) and leptin (appetite-suppressing).

Red cabbage is full of essential minerals: Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium , Phosphorus , Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, and others.

It is also a very good source of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folate, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6.

Red cabbage contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

Chop red cabbage into your salads, or simply cut it in colorful pieces and munch on during the day as a snack.

wiki says this about it...

The red cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. rubra) is a sort of cabbage, also known as Red Kraut or Blue Kraut after preparation. Its leaves are coloured dark red/purple. However, the plant changes its colour according to the pH value of the soil, due to a pigmentanthocyanin. On acidic soils, the leaves grow more reddish while an alkaline soil will produce rather greenish-yellow coloured cabbages. This explains the fact that the very same plant is known by different colours in various regions. Furthermore, the juice of red cabbage can be used as a home-made pH indicator, turning red in acid and blue in basic solutions. It can be found in Northern Europe, throughout the Americas, and in China. called

On cooking, red cabbage will normally turn blue. To retain the red colour it is necessary to add vinegar or acidic fruit to the pot.

Red cabbage needs well fertilized soil and sufficient humidity to grow. It is a seasonal plant which is seeded in spring and harvested in late fall. Red cabbage is a better keeper than its "white" relatives and does not need to be converted to sauerkraut to last the winter.

The Incredible Health Benefits of Red Cabbage

In the delightful world of fruits and vegetables, red usually means healthy, and few can deny the health benefits of a shiny, red apple or freshly picked tomato. Red cabbage may not be the first red veggie that comes to mind, but this easy-to-find vegetable has some very convincing health properties that make it a good addition to the grocery cart. What are the health benefits of red cabbage?

Health Benefits of Red Cabbage: It Gives Cancer the Heave Ho

Red cabbage is a good source of phytonutrients that help to detoxify pollutants and other carginogens that most people are exposed to on a daily basis. Like other cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, it’s high in glucosinolates, compounds which are metabolized by the body to form powerful cancer fighting chemicals known as isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates activate the P450 liver enzymes that break down carcinogens, allowing them to be safely eliminated from the body. People who consume high quantities of cruciferous vegetables have been shown to have a lower risk of certain types of cancer. Red cabbage is also a good source of indoles, compounds that may reduce the risk of breast cancer by altering estrogen metabolism.

Health Benefits of Red Cabbage: It’s high in Vitamins A and C

Vitamins A and C are vitamins with strong antioxidant properties and red cabbage is a good source of both, particularly vitamin C. One serving provides three-quarters of the daily recommended quantity of this vitamin which is important for maintaining healthy skin and connective tissue. Who says citrus fruits are the only good source of vitamin C?

Health Benefits of Red Cabbage: It’s a Real Diet Food

Red cabbage is a guilt-free food if you’re a calorie counter. One cup of red cabbage has under thirty fat-free calories. The relatively high fiber content of red cabbage makes it a filling and satisfying side dish. No wonder the cabbage soup diet was so popular!


Health Benefits of Red Cabbage: It’s Better than It’s Green Cousin

Green cabbage may be healthy, but red cabbage is better. Would you believe that red cabbage has twice the vitamin C content of green cabbage? Plus, red cabbage is a rich source of anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid that gives red cabbage it’s deep red- purple coloration. There’s increasing evidence in animals that anthocyanins help to promote brain health as well as protect against cancer.

The Bottom Line?

There’s little doubt that red cabbage is one healthy vegetable, but the indigestible fiber in those crimson leaves can cause flatulence and may need to be eaten in moderation. Enjoy the many health benefits of red cabbage!

and for fun... some chemistry :)

How to Make Red Cabbage pH Indicator
If you have ever wondered whether a home chemical was an acid or a base, you can fine out easily by making a cabbage pH indicator. See to the make the cabbage pH indicator using everyday materials found in your home.