Tuesday, November 24, 2009

60:100 disappointment

60:100 disappointment

sunday after worship, we took the speaker out for a meal
the group chose applebees.
i felt no trepidation, because i know how to order a custom salad
i have done it often, successfully even...
by looking at the complete menu so i know what ingredients they
have in the kitchen,
and ask they use only what they have- what could be easier?
so that's what i did...
the 8 other meals came out and then our waitress vanished
my table spot naked and empty.
they are taking their time making a really wonderful artistic salad
...or so i told myself..
tick tock
the next time i saw out girl i asked and she went to check on it
tick tock
she comes back all cute and apologetic with a salad
seems the chef didn't understand what she meant
so she told him, beaming she set a salad in front of me and vanishes again
ok i can remove the croutons, but the cheese was
microplaned into hair thin whispers
the serious problem tho was the bacon bits all over the beautiful deep greens
(he failed to add any other veggies except 3 mini grape tomatoes
and thick slices of onion. so much for artistry)
i couldn't deal with that due to my extreme allergy that would either put me
in the hospital or kill me if i ate any food that even touched bacon.
i waited for her to return
tick tock
when she finally did (i think the rest of the table was 3/4 done by then)
i told her i couldn't eat this and that i only wanted veggies- no bread,
no cheese and definitely no bacon. she apologized and took it back
tick tock
out comes another salad and poof! she's gone.
i saw 2 croutons peeping out from under the salad
and did some digging
come to find out- all they did was remove the top layer
there was still bacon cheese and lots of croutons underneath
i was to get no dinner.
tick tock
she came back and i explained handing back the salad
and said just take it off the bill
and no i don't want anything else instead
(um the salad was the ONLY thing i could eat there)
and no thank you- i do not want a free dessert.
i left that place very disappointed.
and they won't be seeing me again.

some places are very good about making a custom meal for
the 'allergic' customer.
applebees is not.
cracker barrel was surprisingly good at it, and so was red lobster,
who would have thought it?

be warned ye raw friends!

so i came home and had some warmed red pepper bisque
some raw chocolate halva
and a cup of herbal tea
i am fine.
much finer than my poor sad friends -who probably had heartburn that nite.

my friend susan suggested i carry this card, one that earth mother had created:

it may indeed help at most places
but in a place where there is no vision, perhaps not.

until next time-


  1. Yikes, sorry you had such a horrific experience at Applebees. I had just the opposite experience there.

    As I read through your post, I thought, "Wow, she could really have benefited from having my Dining Out In The Raw Card," but I see you do have it. If you'd be so kind as to link back to its creator, I'd appreciate it.

    Dining Out In The Raw

  2. done & done!
    thanks earth mother, you have done a fine thing in creating this card.
    ...if i hadn't been so deathly allergic to the bacon, it may not have been so awful... but this kind of negligence is not easily forgivable because of the repercussions. i am so glad i caught it, and so is my husband.