Monday, November 2, 2009

40:100 swine flu, eek!

40:100 swine flu, eek!

yesterday we got a report that a 40 yr old woman died in our
small local hospital from the swine flu.
on wednesday i
came across 3 people at their homes who
had been diagnosed for h1n1. (i didn't go in- left asap)
i was rubbing my 4 thieves oil on my hands every few hours!!

then this morning i woke to the report that 19 more children
had perished from the same last week.
how important it is for us all to maintain proper hygiene during this time.
eat well with lots of fresh fruits & veggies, get rest, sunshine, pure water,
plenty of cleaning & hand washing, etc...
health seems to be on everyone's mind these days.

we just got back from a weekend of spiritual encouragement
and learned how not to neglect our spiritual health.
so many of the same principles apply when it comes to our minds and hearts
keeping proper spiritual hygiene. how important that is also!

today the sun shines here brilliantly
and i intend to get my full 15 minutes of vitamin d
perhaps i will do my Bible reading out on the deck
before i get to scrubbing my house
on this wonderful monday morning.

stay safe & healthy my friends,
making sure of the more important things!

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