Wednesday, November 18, 2009

56:100 the perfect 10

56:100 the perfect 10

we all want to have success in the raw food endeavor,

especially first starting out…

or after a few false starts

or even off-da-wagon falls….

so what can help?

a personal raw chef in your kitchen?

yes but…

i don’t know too many who can afford that, so now what?

do you think it would help to have a mini recipe book

with 10 go to recipes that are fast and fabulous?

it helps me… and many others who are already using

this technique. all you have to do is pick out the 10 things

that really hit the spot and don’t take much time or

fancy-schmancy ingredients or days to prepare.

the easy thing to do is to type up

(in font that doesn’t need glasses-

you will see why later..when you go to make it)

and print some easy favorites and keep them in a

drawer in the kitchen or tape them to the back of

your cabinet doors… some place handy, & visable…

then the next time you find yourself prowling for food

and no idea what to eat-

don’t reach for that oreo, bag of potato chips

or wedge of cheese…

make one of your presto foods to take the edge off

of the unreasonable hunger and give yourself time to think

and make a better choice.

sometimes it’s a fudge-ball

(almond butter and cacao powder-stir+eat )

other times it may be a flax-cake

(ground flax, coconut oil sweetener, cinnamon, water..stir+eat)

maybe a quick cream soup

(water, nuts, nama shoyu, veggie of choice, spices- blender+eat)

get what I’m saying?

these are a few of my fast 'go-to’ foods,

pick the ones that make the biggest emotional impact for

you. it will help more than anything, you’ll see.

make your perfect 10 recipe booklet today,

be sure to cover all the situations that leave you wavering

…breakfast, lunch dinner, snack, sweet, salty,

a comforting HUG food….

remember it has to be YOUR favorite!


finish that 100 day challenge with a BANG!



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