Tuesday, November 3, 2009

41:100 purely delicious

41:100 purely delicious

received my issue and boy is this a great magazine :)

i came home from my weekend away and it sat quietly in my mailbox
waiting for my joyful outburst! thank you rebecca!!
it feels so good in my hands
and looks so good to my eyes
and such useful info- i can't wait to try the recipes.
what makes it especially wonderful ...
(besides knowing it came from my friend, publisher, shop owner)

-is that here in the boonies- it still is difficult to get the support
from the surrounding area establishments for raw-ness
and this is the cold north country (not your typical island paradise)
and tropical fruit isn't just a tree away-
just ask me when the last time when i even SAW a young coconut was-
um hmmm.
so any sparkle of raw foodie encouragement
is highly prized by me.
thank you rebecca!!!
it's beautiful


  1. Maybe I should subscribe to this again. I did the first year....looks lovely!

    Enjoy Snow!

  2. You are most welcome. I hope you enjoy! <3