Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what a week.

my brother in law is missing.
this is not like him at all.
the police have a bolo and apb out to find him
my poor dear sister, i wish i could take her anxiety
and make it vanish, and make him appear.
we are praying he is alright.

then i got a call that my friend was going to be taken off life support today.
so we went over and sat with her and her family.
i stayed until the coroner took her body away.
it was one of the saddest afternoons ever.

so now i have this pounding headache and don't know why
really i do.

monday we have another friend in a tough spot
he is undergoing brain surgery for a tumor
and only has a 50 50 chance of living thru it.

what a week.

i hang on to any bright spots that i find.
tonite i spoke with my children on skype
and got to see the grandbabies (skype is wonderful)
and the sound & pic both worked, yay!

well i am exhausted in every way possible
going to hit the hay early.
tomorrow is bound to be better, i hope.


  1. sending you a huge hug, beautiful snowdrop. you bring a lot of light into the raw lifestyle online community and i hope you can feel some of that light shining back upon you.

  2. It would appear that your blissful weekend away at the B&B was the calm before the storm.

    Enveloping you in Love and Light. Keeping you close in thought and prayer.

  3. the police found my missing brother in law's van today
    the sweetest guy i've ever met and really good to my sister

    he was dead in it. apparently a heart attack, age 48.

    he has been missing since saturday. 4 days

    this is the one that hurts my heart the most...

    love your loved ones a little extra, ok?