Saturday, May 29, 2010

in the dehydrator

in the dehydrator:
2 trays of banana slices
they are my yorkie's favorite snack
he acts as tho he is hooked on crack when i jiggle the jar.
also some chamomile

i have picked it 3 days and now have a tray of it in the 'D'
it smells like honeyed apples while it dries
mmmm (or was that bzzzzzz?)

the chamomile plants seeded themselves last fall
all over the garden.
now that i am ready to plant i am hesitant to pull them
(they transplant poorly)
so i am plucking the flowers daily
and planting around them
figuring that by the time the seeds come up
i will have harvested enough flowers for tea
and can pull the plants then.

the other plant that prolificated (i know, not a word)
extremely well was the feverfew.
an herb i planted to harvest the flowers as a tea for migraines.
i will have to plant this around the edge
of the lawn instead of the garden because
it is greedy for ground.
also the bee balm (melissa) is getting out of control
in the flower garden, completely overtaking
my clematis and peony. yes they draw hummingbirds-
but i like the other flowers too.

i am just establishing beds for the first time
at this old house that only had an azaelia and some
lilac bushes growing here, strange for a place
over 100 yrs old. i would have thought some women sometime
would have nested and planted something
besides weeds :)

so now i want to plant some boxes and pots for the deck
filled with flowers and herbs.
note to self- remember to regularly water them!

for dinner tonite i have marinating
lisa's raw on 10
broccoli & mushrooms.

so after it marinates i will put it in the D to soften and warm up

so off i go to finish sewing & ironing
have a wonderful weekend!

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