Saturday, June 5, 2010

drying herbs

i took my second batch of herbs
(spearmint, chamomile, oregano, dill)
and dried them, broke them up without stems
and put them into labeled blue antique glass jars.
my sweetie made me a wrap around shelf very high in the kitchen
and that's where these will find a home.

then i cut down a third cutting of herbs
(oregano, thyme, cilantro, chamomile, marjoram, dill, oregano)
processed some in cuttings for freezing
and the rest went into the dehydrator till tomorrow
when i will put them into jars too.
this way i have very fresh, oils intact, herbs
for teas, recipes etc... for all winter.
during the summer i usually stick to fresh herbs.

i also planted a few containers to keep on the deck
for fresh herbs to use on a daily basis
so i do not have to trek into the garden for every recipe
and every meal as it is prepared.

the garden holds the vast quantities for cutting & processing.

i still have to plant all my sunflower seeds
i have held back because the hoe is hard to work with
my dh used it in concrete making and didn't rinse it
it weighs a TON and is ungainly to wield.

seeing the error of his ways he bought me a new one.

planning a day trip to vermont because we have been
just straight out with very very emotionally heavy
events have sapped us of our vital energy.
time to rejuvenate.
hope to have some pics for the next blogging.
till then

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