Tuesday, May 11, 2010

not fallen off the face of the earth...

have i really skipped all april and some of may
without blogging??
see what happens when you don't own a computer

i am here
and getting my class plans together
to teach the summer classes on raw food.

the exciting weekend (next weekend)
will include a trip to a b&b that caters to rawness
yip yip yippee!
i will be doing a photo shoot
and sending the pics to a magazine
and just maybe they will be printing an article on
this b&b with .... my photos!! ;)
so, even tho i did not replace my broken laptop yet
i did replace my broken camera just in time!
(funny how everything goes kaput at the same time)

i took my new camera to texas and visited my grandkids
and of course took hundreds of photos. (had to test it out)

i had spent the previous 6 weeks power sewing & smocking
for the little ones, and that's how i was able to
completely leave off blogging altogether.

this week's project is to build a couple of
colloidal silver generators
i spent yesterday hunting down the parts i will need
and now i must wait for the silver wire to arrive by post.

on the food front-
i have been adding a small scoop of chia seed
to my green smoothies, instead of nuts.
it's good!
it makes them more satisfying and filling
and i can go longer between meals without
the extra fat & calories.

so that's it in a nutshell
hope you have all been well!

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