Friday, February 27, 2009


see how quickly i got your attention with that one word?
i am on the prowl for some good chocolate
and was remembering back when my oma would bring some incredibly delicious chocolates from germany
with the almond-y marzipan inside... makes my knees weak just thinking...
i decided to give it a whirl in the raw arena
and so far so good-
i am now waiting for the cacao butter to liquefy in the D
to mix the coating, the little squares of raw marzipan are cooling their jets in the freezer while i wait.
they look darling and i would have had more than 2 dozen if i had left the batter alone
instead of taste taste taste mmmmmm!
if it works out as good as i think it will be one of the recipe latecomers in the new book 'raw delights'

the rain is melting all my beautiful white snow away and down to the stream,
the mud begins.
but not for real i don't think- because it isn't even march yet, and all the good snowmobile trips get done in march.
so it's a 'false labor' kind of spring.
meanwhile my little yorkie moe needs a good rinse down every time he goes outside.

ok this was just a quickie post
i hope to get a better one in shortly.

post script..
the marzipan was a little too dry and i need to adjust the recipe for a bit more moisture...
but i am not going to be leaving any on the plate to rot :) yummy!


  1. "Too dry" wouldn't stop me from devouring them! They sure are pretty.

  2. isn't that what a cup of tea is for anyway, tee hee!
    thanks earthmother :)