Monday, March 23, 2009

good deal!

yaaay i have a sweet greenhouse today :)

i found a cute greenhouse for my wheatgrass trays
and baby seedlings for the garden.
i found it at lowes for thirty-something dollars and
it included the plastic zippered cover!!!
i had been considering making my own shelf using pvc pipes,
being that all the shelf units were just too too expensive...
well i can't (don't even want to ) make it for that amount$$!!
so i picked it up -put it together -and loaded her up!
there are 4 shelves that just are able to accommodate 3 trays each
that is alot of growing power.
i looked for some lighting for 2 or 3 under shelf use
but i haven't found just the right model.
as it is, the wheat is fine with window light and is not
as dependent of super duper light that the
garden seedlings need to prevent leggy growth.

i love it!!!

one tray is on the kitchen counter ready to be mowed down
for a few shots of juice.
i also started the tomato/pepper/eggplant tray today
being that the season can be cut short by an early frost
before it all ripens for me here in zone 4.

i strolled outside and found the bleeding heart
it is making it's way thru the ground
also my daffodils are peeping out- it is sunny but cccold.
good thing these plants are hardy.
no asparagus yet tho.

i did all the figuring for the new garden and came up with
exact numbers on the plants i need to start to fill it properly.
i am going to the square foot gardening system this year in earnest.
it will cut down on the weeding
(it promises 'completely' but i reserve judgment till after is see it)

so i have had garden brain all day
and it suits me
happy spring time to you all!


  1. That wheatgrass looks so fresh and green, you must be loving it!

  2. it is a very good thing!
    yep, loving it.