Friday, April 24, 2009

the tiffins arrived!

quick as a bunny i opened the box
and washed them out
and filled them up
i had to hurry because i had an appointment
for a business meeting i did not wish to be late for-
so here is what i put inside my
first tiffin lunchable:
bottom layer (left)

salad with walnuts & balsamic dressing-carried separately

top layer (right; clockwise from bottom)
3 little desserts (not eating all at one time, not even on same day- i just wanted to fill it ;P!!)
faux lemon bar, marzipan dipped in chocolate, strawberry macaroons...


my next attempt will be to make an
insulated carrying bag, i'll let you know how that goes.

hope you are enjoying this day as much as i am!!

ps nothing is wrong with your eyes- the text today is very buggy on this blog.


  1. They look like very handy containers for transporting raw lunches!

  2. Where did you buy your tiffins at? I desperately want one for my lunch!

  3. I want to see more pics of these...marzipan dipped in chocolate???!!! I want to order these "tippins". It reminds me of a food carrier that my grandma used to use, but alot bigger and she had an insulated bag to carry it all in!! Gotta have one in memory of my lovely grandmother!!!

  4. oops,TIFFINS!!!

  5. the tiffins i bought were from world market.
    online, reasonable prices, good quality and arrived in a record 2-3 days.
    i am ecstatic over this purchase.
    thanks for your comments. i will be doing more pics soon. tvillemom- check out my flicker photos for the marzipans ;)