Monday, July 27, 2009

garden time!

the best time to be a raw foodie is the summer for sure!
the fresh fruit & veggies that are getting ripe for
pick & eat are juicy flavorful and deeeelishus!
happy happy tastebuds, yumm!
my first real harvest:

lots of kale, collard, lettuce, herbs, & snap peas
tho i did have a tremendous amount of weeding to do
when i returned home from france. they were knee high,
hiding the veggies well. it was all that rain. wow!

first thing i did upon harvesting, was to blend a salad dressing
using garden herbs and some raw nuts, assorted other things
for a yummy green salad topping dressing.
what makes it easy and clean to apply was putting it into
a squeeze bottle (with a tip like from a mustard bottle)
eeeasy application, and darned right pretty results too.

i hope you are all enjoying the summer bounty
whether from your own gardens, farmers markets
or the local produce being offered in your grocery stores.
(better yet, gifts from friends & family's gardens- tee hee)

joy happiness and plenty of raw food!

1 comment:

  1. I think the highlight of my summer has been going out back every morning and "juicing my garden." Mmmm.