Saturday, September 5, 2009

the 4 thieves oil at work!

of course i did not have this made up
so that it would be handy when i needed it-
i of course didn't think of it till i was in the
throes of a really really virulent bug
that hit in 1 day and laid me low quick and hard,
fevered 104 overnite, i finally
remembered i had this recipe-


1 part eucalyptus

1 part rosemary

1 part cinnamon

1 part clove

1 part lemon

Mix with jojoba oil for the oil based product.


• Apply 1-2 drops of Four Thieves on the bottoms of the feet and on the nape of the neck.

• Apply under the arms and on the chest.

• Diffuse for 20 minutes or less at work or at home.

so i put about 1 T each of just the essential oils into a small glass jar
( i did have the foresight to purchase what i needed to make the
4 thieves oils when the h1n1 scare began) and shook it to mix well.
i put a good tablespoon of this mix into a spray bottle that had
1 cup apple cider vinegar cut with 1 cup water ...
shook it well and began on my disinfecting rampage.
armed with the spritz bottle and several wiping cloths i sprayed & wiped
my entire house down, especially door knobs, telephones, remote,
fridge & cabinet handles, sink & faucets, toilets tile bathroom floors
& shower stalls etc....
being that my nose was still pretty stuffy,
i did not feel i was a good candidate to decide
how good/bad it smelled.
i did catch the cinnamon undertones and not too much vinegar.
later i asked my dh if he noticed-
and he said yes and it wasn't horrible. ( :) )
& that he
liked it even.
once my sinus clears i will give you a better assessment.
but the house shines and i KNOW it is clean and disinfected.
if it keeps anyone else from catching this bug-
it will be soooo worth it.

i am storing the other little well sealed glass jar of the
essential oil mix in my dark cupboard
and only making enough spritz to use in 1 cleaning day
so it is fresh as can be and powerful.
this way i can also take a small palm full of jojoba oil
with a few drops of the essential oil mix
for massage whenever i need
to get an extra boost of this product.
or to put a drop onto a warm light bulb to diffuse.

one thing:


it really hurts.

so off to finish recuperating.
may none of you be needing this after the fact.

take care & be well-


ps. that really isn't me in the pic at the top of the page :)


  1. Just bought all the oils to mix up some of this. Thanks for the spray idea :)

  2. Hi- I am looking to make some of this. Other recipes I have seen calls for specifically cinnamon bark oil. Is there a big difference between bark oil and leaf oil that one should be preferred over the other?
    Thanks, and sorry, I'm new to this :)

  3. i have used cinnamon leaf successfully, valerie.
    the cinn. bark oil was not available in my store & i made the owner open it up so i could smell it-
    very strong cinnamon aroma....
    hope that helps