Thursday, September 24, 2009


good morning!
i started off the 100 day kick-off with a bang!
i had made my dh some sausage w/onions & peppers for dinner
and the next day's lunch from an organic raised pig raised by his brother (thanks!)
so i decided to make the counterpart in raw vegan
and was very happy with the way it turned out.
my first task was to make it TASTE good
then to make it LOOK good too.
i succeed in both arenas :) yaaay!

i used pecans mostly as the base and then added some onion & apple
with spices and garden grown herbs. i was so happy with it!
now i am going back in my mind to recall the amounts of the ingredients
so i can make it again very soon.
i will be adding this recipe to the book "raw delights" for certain!
i found some wonderful fruit at the market and now my fruit bowl looks just bursting with goodness & overflowing- i had to eat the top nectarine cause it kept rolling off the top of the heap ;)
99 days to go!

that was yesterday, this is today
on my to do list :
make flax tortillas in the D
start sprouting some rye berries (craving some of alyssa's bagels)
make some cashew "cheese"

i still have 1 serving of the pecan sausage left
i have been rolling up a couple of spoonfuls in my garden grown romaine lettuce leaves.
they grew plentifully this year in my garden, and i am so glad!
i am still all bent out of shape that all my tomatoes were touched with the blight and rotted before ripening. grrrrr! i also need to get out to the garden & get it fall ready. i have a few enormous sunflowers growing in one corner who's stems are as thick as my arm, no kidding- they are at least 11 feet tall!!!

off to start some raw yummies for this week.
it always helps to have a plan- it boosts your success rate in a large way.
have a good one!


  1. Okay, I don't know what I'm more impressed by...the fact that you actually made your own sausage from an organic pig or that you made its raw, vegan counterpart for yourself.

    Amazing. Really.

  2. aww thanks :)
    your wonderful comment made me grin from ear to ear!

  3. Well, that's quite an accomplishment. I am so glad my husband eats the way I do and that I don't need to make separate meals. I hope I would be as gracious as you if I did:-)