Friday, September 25, 2009

tortilla recipe

where in sam hill did my teflex sheets go?

as soon as i went to make my tortillas i could not find them.
the kitchen is being remodeled so nothing is where it was.
after fruitlessly searching for those chameleon sheets which i
was POSITIVE were right there ...somewhere
(being it was totally unreasonable to believe some evil thief
would sneak in and just make off with teflex)

i decided to use waxed paper- even tho i know it is too light to do
as good a job (picture the paper fluttering about sticking to the tops of the wet product)
knowing full well that i would find the proper sheets as soon as i was finished.
so clever me- came up with the answer to make my waxed paper
flutter proof. i cut it 2" wider than the grid and folded 1" either end
and tucked it between the grid & the rack
effectively holding the paper in place... even further, i slid the rack in fold side
towards the fan. voile`!!!
:) blinding brilliance :)

as expected, the tortillas were a bit harder to turn over & peel
but the set-up worked out just fine.
as expected i found the sheets hiding in plain sight as soon as the last dish was washed.
another case of murphy's law circumvented.

i came across a pdf with the principles of the magic hundred
if you are interested in taking a peek.
"This report outlines the success principles laid down in a larger, more
comprehensive piece of work called The MAGIC Hundred."
thanks dax!

the day today is just exquisite weather wise and i am off to enjoy some beautiful sunshine and filling up on the most delicious helping of vitamin D.

in case you were looking for the tortilla recipe and missed it, just click on the word tortilla anywhere in this blog and it will take you to a site that has wonderful raw food recipes made by real people. (gone raw) i ground my flax instead of soaking it, and i also add a bit more veggies & herbs to my batter and backed off on the cayenne. all in all, an easy recipe. mine are ready to pull out of the D right now, mmmmmm! i have used them in the past to make tortilla roll ups and used them as a tasty hors d'Ĺ“uvre.

tomorrow morning, pancakes!


ani's pancakes with coconut butter & maple syrup
so fast, so easy and a good amount of flax too!

have a great one!

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