Saturday, September 26, 2009

hot air balloon festival

this is a beautiful day (tho a bit chilly)
perfect balloon festival weather!
i hope it holds up for tonite & tomorrow too.

so... i didn't get to make the nut cheese on my list of to-do's
but i did make my wonderful creamy garlic dressing :)
it makes me smile and close my eyes every time i eat it.
i also set my rye to sprout for some bagels.
alas, i only had 1 cup of berries left in the pantry. so i started
a jar of wheat berries to make up the lack. i have made them with
wheat and made them with rye, but this will be my first mixed batch.
since both were yummy on their own, i foresee no problems with the mix.
i'll let you know, either way.

be off and enjoy this day! (that's an order)

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