Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day weekend

well on my way to recovery, the 4 thieves oil has my home
smelling fresh and clean, sparkling and bright.
i have not only spritzed & wiped every conceivable surface,
but i have added some to my floor wash bucket
water vacuum basin, and my freshly made laundry soap.
all the clothes, sheets, blankets and towels are now clean washed.
i am feeling much better- and my dh shows no signs of succumbing
sigh of relief. whew!

so today i went to the garden (sad state it is) and took down the
poor tomatoes that have the blight, the blight that has struck
every tomato in the county. you can hear the weeping in my words-
oh the utter sadness.
i wanted to dry as many tomatoes as possible for the winter usage.
perhaps i can find some at the farmers market yet.
my own, no.

i brought in a large basket filled with oregano, enough for a winter and beyond.
and that's saying alot with an italian husband who doesn't consider it a meal
without tomatoes (cringe) basil and oregano. i am getting ready to tie
bundles of the oregano on stem to hang prettily in my kitchen.
i could dehydrate them in my excalibur, but i just got an antique rack
to put in my kitchen. it was an old butchers set of hooks, (we won't think
on what once hung there) and i got this and an antique cherry pitter;
fully functional at a very very good price in blue mountain lake at
an adirondack fair, over the weekend.
we went there for our anniversary (#33) and had a delightful time.

there, my dh picked up flattened sheets of birch bark to put
on a cabinet with twig work and is right now assembling it in the yard.
i love the look of it and hope to get a finished pic for posting.

it hasn't been overly exciting this weekend, rather tame...
but you know, peace should never be underestimated.
it has been a peaceful- good weather end of the summer
and i am looking forward to some bright colors on the trees
and the crunch of a crisp fresh apple in my mouth!

take care and stay well & happy my friends-


  1. Glad you are feeling better Snowdrop!

    The photo's are beautiful!

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