Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7:100 ...like candy from a baby

just got done making 4 batches of candy... caramels with pecans folded in, coconut creams, maple creams, and orange creams. all hand dipped in chocolate. (the candy is not for me you silly-heads) 2x a year i make it as gifts for people who have sworn to me they cannot live without them. haha! i think they are lying. but...

(a batch of strawberrry truffles from a candymaking past...)

the caramels went to my fave local restaurant chef & staff that caters to my vegan-ness and preps special dishes just for me when i come in... outrageous!
it is a beef house no less.
my dh's fave place to go whenever he wants to eat out or take some friends out.
they have a fantastic salad bar.
i just put my creamy garlic dressing into a little candy-making squeeze bottle w/cap, which fits nicely into my purse, and have a great salad... better than anyone else's for sure!

alas, those candies were not raw products,
so i had better make a 5th and raw batch of candy . suggestions?
(yes, this one is for meeee ...& whoever visits me that eats raw too....)

(raw chocolate mint truffles & raw orange confection...)

(mixed raw candies, raw marzipan...)

here i am a week into the 100 day challenge
and i am loving those spring rolls and all things portabella.
i have a batch of mixed grain bagels just finishing up in the D,
and am thinking a nice creamy cashew cheese topper would be
a fine thing to make for when they come out all warm and yummy.
i also have made a batch of granola with undertones of almond,
which was especially wonderful over a sliced fresh
peach w/agave drizzled and nutmeg sprinkled that i let soften in the D
and snorked down one chilly evening.
the granola with almond milk is my breakfast these days

almond milk recipe
from my upcoming book "raw delights"

1 cup almonds, soaked
1/4 vanilla bean
pinch of sea salt

in blender, add ingredients & fill blender to 4 cup mark w/water
blend well, strain thru a nutmilk bag.
add a squirt of agave and a few ice cubes,
stir and pour into a 1 qt glass bottle.

life's good.

gotta blitz the house as this weekend i have company coming.
off i go!!!!!!!!!!!

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