Thursday, October 1, 2009

8:100 what's up buttercup?

it was yesterday... i woke up ....grouchy
(you are thinking whaaaat???, but yes,
i too get out of sorts for no good reason.)
i could blame it on detox, but doesn't make it better-
it doesn't make me sweeter....
so i didn't blog yesterday, it would have only come across as a snarl.

i didn't even read my inspirational email from dax of magic 100
better get to it then.

"Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable."
- Coco Chanel, fashion designer
Hi snowdrop

How many times when faced with a task or a problem have you been frozen into inaction by the thought "what if it goes wrong?"
If you're like most people, this is probably your first response and one that, if listened to enough will absolutely guarantee you a life of mediocrity and even failure. Instead, when confronted with a challenge of any kind, flip the question on its head by asking "What if this goes right?" Imagine the power, possibility and promise ahead of you and I guarantee you, you'll find it far easier to take action. Try it right now on the task you're currently working on.
Truth, joy and love


awwwww. thanks dax. :)

i did have a yummy beautiful dinner last nite...

i made a (mostly carrot) cole slaw with my creamy garlic dressing
some eggplant bacon (oh -wow!)
a salad of garden lettuces, tomato, cucumber with balsamic dressing
it was all very tasty and sustained me well.
most of the dinner was made the day before and i have been
snacking on the cole slaw and bacon already.

it's nice to have ready made foods available.
when you have the time- do ahead!
in alissa's book she taught to prep food 2 days a week.
it really does make it all so much easier :) good tip alissa!

this day has yet to unfold.
it is getting colder and colder & we had to turn on our heat last nite.
the leaves are beginning to turn and it is so beautiful.
i have an early maple outside my upstairs bedroom window that is beginning to display some beautiful red leaves. i always look forward to that tree, particularly. especially when the early morning sun shines upon it, it takes my breath away it absolutely glows with vibrant colors.
but no sun this morning.

today i know i have mixed grain bagels (which btw, came out very well)
cashew cheese from someone else's recipe, which came out ... well...
'eh' -i won't make that one again.
i will probably use it in another recipe just to use it up without having to eat it plain or waste the ingredients by letting it get all green & fuzzy in the back of the fridge. eewwww!

i sure wish my laptop would come home to me from the computer hospital. it broke in july and i am using my dh's laptop, which is a thing of beauty (not mine tho) and i have to share (don't like sharing, waaa) and hasn't got the graphics my old one has, so my photos are harder to manipulate and just don't look as good to me. come home my little sony, please come home to your mama.

thinking i will have either pancakes, granola with almond milk, or a green smoothie for breakfast today.
hmmmm... decisions, decisions. ;)

may all your decisions today be delicious ones!

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