Tuesday, October 20, 2009

27:100 encouragement

27:100 encouragement

what a lovely piece of encouragement i received
in this morning's email
here to share with all:

Hey snowdrop,

I'm often asked how we can figure out if we're ever going to achieve our goals or if we're just wasting time on idle wishes and dreams.

Interesting question, I'm sure you'll agree.

Easy one to answer too!

You'll know if your goals and dreams will ever come true for you by taking this one, simple test.


Ask yourself every single night before you go to bed "Did I take a single, solitary step toward bringing my dream to life today?" if the answer is YES! no matter how small, YES! without fail on a day in, day out basis then the universe has no choice but to answer YES! in return and give you what you want.

Certainly, thinking positive thoughts and visualising your goals and dreams are important parts of their achievement, but nothing beats taking those itty-bitty action steps on a daily basis.

So get steppin' snowdrop!

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S - The best steps are always those taken freely with hope, happiness and just a touch of music in the background... hmm, like dancing really.... go dance! : )

so with that fine thought
i run out the door to my day
have a good one all!


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