Friday, October 2, 2009


1/10th of the way to 100

yesterday, the things made for the week:

fiesta bread
made w sunflower seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds,
flax, sesame, and a variety of seasonal garden veggies
more bacon
5 bite ginger snap raw bars
i pressed these in a variety of silicone molds
they are really warming with all the spice,
perfect fr these chilly fall days. they eat down in 5 bites :)

sometimes things need to just simmer
ideas settle a bit before they bloom into a plan
i feel like that right now.
it really isn't a high accomplishment week, but i feel
it coming on any minute, do you know the feeling?
like just before giving birth- there is a silence
(well it isn't very silent after that, if you know what i mean)
doing this 100 day challenge is just setting up so many possibilities
to achieve something wonderful. i am glad i am doing this.

i have been waiting for my laptop to come home from being fixed
and i hope every day that this will be the day i find it in the mail.
i really do miss it, the graphics on it were exceptional!
you may have noticed the photos i am adding are fewer
and not as high quality... it's this borrowed computer, i have
nothing but difficulty with my photo programs, one doesn't even work at all
(dagone vista)
but good thing i have access, or my internet connection would evaporate
my blogs would be nonexistent. aak!!! what would i do???

enough rambling
you all have a wonderful day today!

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