Monday, October 26, 2009

33:100 darth garlic

on my weekly shopping excursion i came across
something brand new to me.

black garlic

so i bought it ($$) and figured i would eat one head
and plant the other (it's garlic planting time here.)
should've had my glasses on.
blind i am without them, the older i get the more mr. magoo. :(
so long story short- it is fermented for 1 month (totally unplantable)
but fermented is good, no? fermented is ok in raw-world.
so i took a pic for you- it comes from korea (hence the $$)

it feels to the touch like roasted garlic. i have yet to taste it.
but it's a new discovery to me and if it's any good
i will search the seed catalogs to find it to plant myself.
i have a book on fermenting, so i'll figure it out.

then i made a quick dinner

zucchini in cream sauce (some cashew sour cream from the fridge)
some D roasted mushrooms, garlic, fresh peas, red pepper...
and something i have been working on this week
raw vegan salmon. it tastes so much like fish i did a double take.
i am not completely satisfied with the texture but think i can adjust it.
i have been thinking about the better lox choice
and do have a smoked lox for bagels in my book "raw delights"
but this may just replace that recipe. stay tuned :)

my week on really intensely raw has not only shown in my 5# weight loss
but also in my loose jeans
and that my constant headaches have been cut in half.
i have more stamina
and have been in a better mood.
and except for that one night of crazy cravings
i have been able to do this without going nuts. :)
...i know that the addition of more greens
would have allayed the cravings, and i am keeping all full
of green smoothie, and as soon as my baby wheatgrass is tall enough..
wheatgrass juice.

so off i go now to clean the kitchen
type some proposals and iron some laundry.
have a good rest of the day all

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