Monday, October 12, 2009

19:100 garden to bed

can't believe it's been 6 days since my last post.
we were away 4 days on a volunteer project
then to a wedding where i took the pictures for the bride & groom
when i came home it was more than chilly-
we had a frost (first one here on the lake)

so i had to go out and pillage the rest of the edibles
from out of the garden and pull the plants that are
not frost resistant.
the last hour of daylight was a very busy one!
the kale & collards still stand proudly. :)
and the potatoes are still snuggled in the earth.
soon the entire garden will be put to bed
and covered with a blanket of soft fluffy white snow.
i saved my sunflower heads for the winter birds
they will enjoy that, i'm sure.

this morning i began on the laundry
that i swear, the neighbors must have been adding to the basket....
how could 2 people left unattended bring so many
items to the basket?!?!

the house smells cinnamon fresh since i added a few drops
to the vacuum basin....
and also an extra boost to my 4 thieves vinegar/water spray.
i am so very happy with that blend, knowing i am preventing
the bacteria virus mold that is prevalent during the fall months.
i was very impressed to read about the cinnamon oil
being able to even kill airborne pathogens
and the 5 oil combination that works together in a synergistic
manner to do even more good than each oil alone can accomplish.
amazing stuff.

since we last were together here on the blog
i had the opportunity to make peace with someone
who wasn't on good terms with me, and i missed her so.
i feel like crying with happiness every time i think
of having my dear friend back in my life.
such a weight lifted,
forgiveness, being forgiven,
it is such a gift and blessing.



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