Tuesday, October 13, 2009

20:100 where do vegans get their calcium?

are 100 days 1/5th complete already???
funny thing, perspective...
1/5th sounds so much farther along than 80 days to go :)
how are YOU doing?

it is cold & wet
summer is soooo over :(
but we have some beautiful leaves to look at
while shivering in our sweaters.

here is a quickie answer to
one of the questions that vegans get asked alot:

where do vegans get their calcium?

Vegetables vs. Dairy

(Calcium in Milligrams per 100 Calories)

arugula - 1300

spinach - 450

broccoli - 387

romaine lettuce - 257

cucumber - 108


milk (2 percent) - 245

whole milk - 190

cheddar cheese - 179

american cheese - 160

interesting, huh?
thought you'd like that :)

ok, many things to do- see you soon!

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  1. Interesting! Where did you get the statistics? I have a lot of friends that would like to read up more about that. :]