Thursday, October 15, 2009

22:100 crackers

22:100 crackers

one thing transitioning people say they miss the most
is the crispy crunch that raw foods don't seem to have
the junk food crunch (not the carrot sticks crunch)

(think doritos)
but then of why you really don't want to go there.......

i enjoy crackers & chips, but am frequently disappointed by the raw
recipes i have tried. the crunch rarely remains after more than
a few minutes out of the dehydrator.
also too much flax leave me running to the loo...

not always convenient...

so today just listened to a video of the krazy kracker lady
who was a guest speaker at cafe gratitude.
and found a pdf of cracker recipes
to share with you...

she is known for her wonderful crackers
and i can't wait to try the recipes
which are not uber flax heavy.

so next batch of crackers will be something from her pdf.
and then let you know if they are indeed all they are cracked up to be

ok, my man is coming home today after spending a few days
away on a consult in texas (their 100 degrees vs my 26)
and i am off to create a nice welcome home meal and to fluff the nest.



  1. Hope your hubby Snow had a great trip..going now to check out those crackers! Thanks!


  2. I couldn't get to your crackers link -- broken. Same with the .ning links above. Would love you to fix them, if possible. Thanks.


  3. bellsfleurs, you didn't leave me any contact info, so i cannot send you the recipes. i checked the link and it worked for m.
    thanks pam! it worked out well.