Tuesday, October 27, 2009

34:100 goals

34:100 goals

so we are 1/3 into the 100 day challenge...
have you challenged yourself to be a better person, live a better life?
if you have challenged yourself i heartily congratulate you!!
you have also been stepping outside your comfort zone then.
how's that feeling for you?
are you like me, and finding that the momentary discomfort
leads to great satisfaction and joy?
it's great to have attainable goals.

keeping a journal is very helpful in being able to go back and seeing
all the positive results that may slip by the wayside
with all the flurry of daily activity... go back and read it
you will suddenly remember why all the changes you have chosen
to pursue were so important to you
and help strengthen your resolve to continue.
if you make bite sized goals they are easier to accomplish
and soon you have done a bunch of them, leading to great feelings
and then you seem to zoom ahead happily.
if your goal is too large, it is easy to give up overwhelmed.
so have do-able goals and feel confident- because you can do it!

i think i may have perfected the raw vegan salmon recipe

now i will have an outside source test it out and see if it works as well for them too.
if so, i will be putting it into my book "raw delights".
i am still searching for some great cover ideas
since i am still stuck on this and really need it to move forward.
suggestions welcome! :)

on yesterday's blog i mentioned korean fermented black garlic
in hindsight i was thinking perhaps it was regular garlic
and turned black during the fermentation process.
if anybody has any knowledge on this please pipe up
and let me know :)

ok, time to get moving again
have a wonderful healthy day


  1. It's the fermentation process that makes the garlic turn black!
    Lots of info:


  2. thanks hippie-mom!!!
    it mentioned that the garlic is fermented at a high temperature... that does not bode well for the raw foodie, huh?

    further looking into commencing....


  3. I love the tree photo as related to goals...great job!