Tuesday, September 22, 2009

100 days till 2010

how do you eat an elephant
one bite at a time.

-don't get the wrong idea
i am not talking about eating this animal at all!
i am referring to goals that seem impossibly large
to accomplish-

tomorrow marks 100 days till 2010
isn't that a wonderful time frame to use in getting to some of your
nearest & dearest wished for goals??
i usually miss the boat when a group of people set out together
with mutual support to accomplish something big-
and i kick myself for not having begun in time.
well, this time i have a day to spare-
a day to get my ducks in a row.
thanks for the heads up rebecca!

think of it as your very own personal 'swan' program
your goals can be of a physical nature, or emotional, mental, spiritual-
any and all changes you have always wanted to make.
if you make the bites small enough- it all becomes deliciously do-able.

the first thing i did was subscribe to the free emails (thanks dax!)
that give me a daily dose of encouragement
(i cannot endorse the program as i haven't purchased it- just the free emails)

next i am arranging all my goals and breaking them down into small steps that i can take to reach the end result (without too much pain hahaha!)

this is how people do the big things...
the great big memorable huge things
what big things do you want to do?
lose weight?
read the entire bible?
tone up?
make peace with someone?
eat more raw?
have an adventure?
make your marriage as great as it can be?
teach your children how to be good beings?
learn another language?
develop a skill?
start a business?
________ (you fill in the blank)

tomorrow begins the first day of 100...
join right on in-
reap the rewards!!!!


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  1. GREAT post Snow... and timely! I think I'll go sign up for those free emails too! Then I will make my list! RAWk on! xoxoxoxoox luv StarFire