Thursday, July 23, 2009

have you lost weight, dear?

no. i have always looked this good.
:) oh, hahahahahhahaaa!!
nothing is farther from the truth!
but this was my conversation this morning with my dh,
who hasn't seen me since i left for my family reunion.

i have just gotten back from a flurry of activity with little time home
in the past couple of months.
we went to france for a couple of weeks for a wedding in the country
at a beautiful chateau.

what a lovely place!
but now i am back home
and it is the time to get serious with what i am doing to be healthy
happy and in better shape than last year.
i have already unpacked and done all the laundry.
so out comes the pen & paper to make a battle plan to achieve
the goals i have set out.

to begin with i have blended a nice little kick-off green smoothie for this morning.
i wandered out to my garden (terribly neglected for weeks!!)
and found a beautiful large kale & collard leaf, a hand full of parsley,
pulled a few weeds...
and came in to make the green drink.
i filled my ktec with the 2 green leaves minus the stalk (didn't want a thick drink today)
the parsley (diuretic qualities)
a thumb size piece of peeled fresh ginger (zoom metabolism)
a banana for sweetness,
a peeled lime (burn fat burn!)
water and ice....
i liked it- but not sweet at all- verry puckery!
so i added a few drops of stevia to make it palatable.
now the grocery list needs to be made
the to do list
and then i can come back and clean the house,

humming & singing like snow white :)
and wait for a repairman 12-4pm

yes, this is the time to get things back together in my house and life.
& enjoy the rest of the summer.

so what is new with you all?

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