Wednesday, November 26, 2008

how to stay warm???

the first snows of winter are flying.
i love the snow but not the cold-
can't really have one without the other.

how does a raw fooder stay warm in the winter?
ahhh, many ways can help.

i have a wood burning stove that warms me better
than any modern day heating system.
it's soothing crackle warms the soul along with the body.

i warm my food- no need to eat cold raw food!
i do so by both heating the food and by adding heat to the food.
warming it on stove top or in the dehydrator to body temp
or a little bit higher... makes a world of difference.

also by adding cayenne to the recipe- i get a warming
glow as i eat, one that warms me from within.

warming spices:
* Black & white pepper
* Ginger
* Garlic
* Cayenne
* Cloves
* Coriander
* Chives
* Cinnamon
* Caraway
* Parsley
* Turmeric

warming foods

here is a list of foods to keep your body feeling warm.
ancient peoples believed that keeping the body warm came from within
and found that certain foods could raise the body’s temperature:

* Legumes
* Carrots
* Squash
* Parsnips
* Beetroot
* Walnuts
* Coconut
* Dates
* Red pepper
* Pine Nuts
* Chilis

don't forget to keep up on your variety of greens
as they are chock full of vitamins and minerals
thus boosting your immune system keeping you healthy
and full of energy.

i warm my plates, before i put my food on it
this way it doesn't plummet in temperature
from the counter to the table, before i even get one bite in!
what you take in can chill you if it is physically cold
so on those nippy days take care to avoid chilled food & drink
and don't forget to bundle up!
woolly knitted socks and hat are a sensible option

and don't forget to move around, get that blood pumping

all this without turning up the thermostat or eating cooked food!

...of course having a plate of warmed harvest apple crisp never hurt :)

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