Thursday, December 11, 2008

first storm

well it was bound to happen.
it is snowing.
hard enough to believe the reported forecast:

8-12" to come in the next 24 hrs.
i will update with a photo or two as this storm progresses.

being snowed in is one of my favorite things though.
i can putz around getting things, i ordinarily wouldn't, done.
and if we lose power...
then my day is during daylight
and my night begins at dusk instead of after the 11 pm news.
then i am very happy to have a wood stove for heat.
then i am so glad my dehydrator preserved foods that are raw organic and delicious,
just waiting to be munched or rehydrated...

eating raw foods, a dehydrator has become an invaluable tool in my kitchen.
i use a 9 tray excalibur, and loooove it.
i know the 4 or 5 tray one is cheaper-
but i only use it a couple times a week
filling it as much as possible, thus saving time and power.
in alissa's book i learned how much easier it is to prep the bulk of your whole week of meals in just 2 sessions. what a valuable tip! i also am able to 'd' many things at once with no cross contamination. i am able to 'd' big things like raw lasagna, tall things like raw 'meat'loaf...
i appreciate having a temp control on the box, a must have feature.
fine tuning my recipes a bit more than the indians hanging strips of buffalo meat

to dry for winter provisions.

i use my dehydrator much more than i expected... thinking it would be useful during harvest time when the garden was coming into it's full season
but i find myself using up extra produce before it has a chance to turn on me

even my little sister says she has no bad produce at her house anymore since she dehydrates before needing to compost things :)
i also use it to warm my meals, dry my herbs, soften my coconut oil for recipes, and i even dried out a remote control that i had accidentally spilled a glass of water over...oops!... and it worked beautifully afterward.
it paid for itself over and again in the 2 years i have owned it.

so if you are wondering what appliances are worth it to buy-
this is one of them! (but don't forget to order the teflex sheets with it!)

well off to do a project that calls to me-
smocking a baby gown for a baby shower gift for a most beloved niece.
will add photos later today/tomorrow
so be sure to check back!
stay well and happy-
snowed in snowdrop :)

looks like the snow now has something to stick to
and daylight will reveal a new look.
pics tomorrow.

detail & overall shot of the baby outfit i finished today!

hope they like it.

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