Wednesday, December 24, 2008

raw reviews

thinking that i should pull out my favorite raw reading materials and let you know which ones i found the most helpful. as big reader, i do have quite the bookshelf of raw things read.
so as the day goes on i will add to the blog
hope to see you back!

edited 12/25/08
remember when you were a kid... and your eyes were bigger than your stomach
and you couldn't possible eat everything you wanted to pick out at the candy shoppe?...
well, i modestly have to admit, i did just that with this great idea for reviewing all the raw books on my shelf...
what was i thinking?
i need to finish all this typing for the new book to go into publishing next month!!!
so i need to reign myself in and be the adult and not the kid in the candy shoppe.
first things first.
but i will get back to this too.
have a great day-

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