Friday, December 12, 2008

of storms and grasshoppers

storm over.
sun brilliantly melting snow in great big drips & drops off of the trees.
we, of course, didn't get the full amount forecasters promised...
but then again i always fail to remember they report for ratings
(the sky is falling! the sky is falling!!)
i think we got all of 6"

but that was still enough to almost bury the dog

so now i have a free afternoon (snow day, of course silly!)

i have been working on a recipe - grasshopper pie
and i think i have it ready to insert into the book.
it is cool and a creamy pale green with the dark brown crumbs so reminiscent of crushed oreo cookies.
well, here's a slice, you tell me- is this something you'd like to eat?

it was for me, i polished off that slice as quick as i could find a fork!
:) mmm mmm yummy!

i am still in awe of what can be done with raw foods to mimic the old favorites. they taste as good if not better, and they are actually health building instead of health destroying. how much better can it get? (ok, so it could be better if you had your own personal chef, true. but not realistic.)

so now for the free afternoon....hmmm.
maybe next blog i will let you know what that turned out.
till then -
eat well and stay healthy!
snowdrop, chef

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