Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Beauty of Color

who says you must wait for spring to get some color?
aren't pomegranates just lovely to behold (and eat)?

when raw fooders blend all their food together it looks kinda like ... mud.
so just leave things as they come out of the 'package' sometimes,
it's soooo pretty!

i did do a few recipes up this week tho-
a pleasant sweet tortilla for lunch (actually 2 :) )

some spicy chili:

with cashew sour cream, nacho cheese, and salsa on top
i didn't take the time to make this one real pretty
as i was too hungry to play with my food... just chow it down.
oh yummo! this was just the thing on a cold, cold day!

and vanilla lavender ice cream with a teff brownie:

the brownie recipe that i found online was a bit problematic
for me but in the end it turned out all right. especially with
some special treat ice cream.
it was funny- after i made the ice cream, i washed out the drum
and put it out on the deck to re-freeze. it was -5 F last nite.

time for some more spicy chili, hahahaha :)

i was looking at some photos of warmer days yesterday
and was thinking what a wonderful thing photography is, really.
so much quicker than painting :)

and the colors stay fresh long after the flowers have faded and died.

enjoy today <3
stay well and happy!

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  1. WOW SD, you are taking some amazing photos. The foods look AMAZING as ever!!! You definitely have this 'uncooking' down to a tee!!!