Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's here!!!

the new issue of purely delicious

and my article within, including such recipes as
miso soup
porcini ravioli in cream sauce
rosemary olive bread
pomegranate & cream cupcakes
photos and all!

if you want to subscribe to this magazine it comes out 4x a year.
i don't publish it but i know the wonderful girl who does.

i have been working on finishing the detail work
to get my book 'raw delights' ready for the publisher,
and i have been making good progress.
soon baby soon!!!!

it is the coldest week we have had all winter
and i am so glad to be warm by the wood stove.
the seed catalogs are beginning to arrive in my mailbox
and thoughts of gentle spring are tantalizing me.
i am looking forward to getting the garden ready
as soon as the weather allows for it.
meanwhile i will leaf thru these booklets
sighing at the the organic seed photos beckoning to me.
i have saved a goodly amount of seed from the plants i have grown
by saving 2-3 fruits or seed heads. as long as i keep the seed
free of humidity they grow even years later.
it makes sense doesn't it... pharaohs tomb had seeds that
were viable many many years after being picked.
just keep 'em dry!

well i suppose i need to get back to the editing work.
i just had to share my joyful news of the article...
stay well and stay warm! dream of happy things.

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