Thursday, January 29, 2009

big snow, warm food

we had our big snow yesterday
and it was very exciting to see it fall and fall and fall...
the children were all gleeful as the schools closed down
and they had a wonderful snow day, even moe
the yorkie, had lots of fun bounding in the fluff...
coming in shaking off and begging to go back out again
i can't tell you how i felt about the poor kitchen, sigh.
well at least moe was a happy boy- thru & thru.

so, full of winter giddiness, i decided to make some pot pies
raw food extraordinaire to keep warm and full and happy.
here is the before:

i still had pie crust toppers to add to two bowls
and i popped them in the dehydrator for another 2 hrs
it looked like this finished:

and tasted divine!
THIS is a comfort food, to be sure.
the crust was buttery and flaky tho raw vegan,
and the filling was creamy and tasty. oh yum!
a perfect way to eat winter vegetables.

alas, i just put it together without measuring or writing anything down
(i know, i know, baaad snowdrop!!)
but i intend to make this again real soon-
and this time with documentation
because it really is too good to be missed.

this morning i saw the sun sparkling across the landscape and just for a moment i was in that dr zhivago scene where they wake up in that country place in mid winter. just beautiful!!!!

well that photo looks colder than i remember feeling
when i watched that movie!! :)
i thought i remembered the sun shining ...

enough rambling. i need to get some stuff done here today
else i will never get my book to you!
have a wonderful happy and sparkly day everyone!

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  1. Those pot pies look devine SD.....also, isn't snow the most amazing thing to watch fall...I could sit and watch it for hours.....I also love the way the sun makes the powder snow glittery and sparkly