Thursday, January 1, 2009

cleanse anyone?

i never can find my master cleanse directions when i need them...
so i decided to post it here on my blog so i can find it

i found i grew to really love this drink
i call it my lemon drop martini cleanse. :)

The Master Cleanser
Stanley Burrough's Lemonade Diet

I'm not sure why, but there's been a growing interest in The Lemonade Diet lately. Maybe people are curious, or maybe they've heard how well it actually works, so let's take a closer look at this so-called "diet." We'll explain what it is, how it works, and some cautions you should know about too.

First, this is not technically a diet in the traditional sense of the word. The Lemonade Diet is more of a juice fast or a body cleanse or detox since you're living on lemonade for the entire time. You're not eating food of any kind -- not even soup.

The Lemonade Diet is also known as The Master Cleanser. It was originally created by the now deceased naturopath Stanley Burroughs. The diet was created to help rid your body of toxins that build up when you don't exercise or eat right. It's designed to help clear and clean your body's digestive tract, kidneys, and liver, while carrying out all the bad stuff that's settled in over time.

Some say this diet works so well that most people can lose up to two pounds of fat each day without any harmful side effects. In fact, one of the reasons it might be gaining in popularity is because of the success a few celebrities have had with it.

Below is the central recipe for the diet, which you'll find to be simple but specific.

1. Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. This is approximately 1/2 of a lemon, and it should be freshly squeezed.

2. Two tablespoons grade B maple syrup. If you're diabetic and/or you're wanting lose some serious weight, you may need to reduce the amount of syrup.

3. A pinch of cayenne pepper, approximately 1/10 of a teaspoon. You can skip putting this in your lemonade and take a capsule three or four times a day instead. I'll warn you, though: Taking cayenne capsules on an empty stomach burns.

Mix the above ingredients into a 10 ounce glass with distilled or spring water. The water can be hot or cold. Next step is drinking it!

Do this six to ten times each day (6-10 glasses of lemonade each day).

This is the basis of The Lemonade Diet. But there's more to it, of course. Namely, you want to eliminate waste from your body, so you're supposed to use natural laxatives. Drink a laxative herbal tea in the morning and evening.

You can drink as much water or unsweetened herbal tea as you'd like throughout the day on top of your lemonade. According to Burroughs, the lemon juice and maple syrup have all the nutrients your body needs for this temporary fasting period, and the cayenne pepper will help boost your metabolism so the fat is burned faster.

Most people try this cleanse for three to ten days.

Warning: Like most low-calorie detox programs, the weight will come off like crazy, but it'll also go right back on again if you resume your pre-Lemonade Diet eating habits.

If you decide to try The Lemonade Diet, it's important to follow the steps and it's very important to come off the diet properly. When you go for extended periods of time without solid food, you have to slowly introduce solid foods back into your system.

Usually you start with soups and other liquids first, like freshly made juices and smoothies, then gradually move back into normal eating from there. Trying to eat "normally" after having been on the fast for a while will make you very sick.

the thing i found out later, much later
is that there is a salt water flush that is supposed to be used in conjunction with the lemon drink.
ok here is how that goes...
upon waking first thing in the morning
drink 1 quart (yes, 4 cups) of water with 2 level tsp of sea salt (non iodized!) stirred in well.
drink all at once or as close to it as possible
yes it's yucky.
[ i add a little bit of nama shoyu (raw soy sauce) to flavor it and find it tastes like weak miso soup that is how i was able to get it down.]

do not drink any lemon drink for at least 1/2 hour after drinking the salt water.

approx 1/2 - 1 hour after drinking the salt water
you will have to RUN to eliminate
the urge is strong and quick so stay near a toilet for 1-1/2 hrs.
then you will be safe to carry on with your day.
so plan accordingly.

they also recommend to take a cup of laxative tea at night before going to bed.
sometimes i did ...and sometimes i wanted to sleep in a bit more than the tea would let me... so i didn't take it. my bad!

shopping list:

about 40 large lemons or 80 limes or any combination
(buy 1/2 batch at a time as they spoil)

80 oz maple syrup (grade b is best)

1/2 pound celtic sea salt

2.5 oz cayenne pepper powder

box herbal laxative tea bags

5 gallons or more of spring water (NO fluoride added) for lemonade

3 gallons 1 pint spring water (NO fluoride added) for salt water flush and cup of lax tea

i have a pdf on the MC for you that i might actually be able to successfully link here.

here is the recipe i use to make a day's worth:

3 or 4 lemons (depending on size), peeled
12 tablespoons Maple Syrup - (=3/4 cup)
1/2 to 3 heaping teaspoon cayenne pepper (to taste)
You can always increase the amount on your next batch if it is not "hot' enough for you
2 cups spring water

Put all ingredients in a high powered blender and blend away for about 45 seconds.

Pour the mixture into a 2 quart container.

Top the container with additional spring water until you get exactly 60 oz. Please be reminded that each lemonade drink is equivalent to 10 oz (water - 8 oz, maple syrup and lemon juice - 1 oz, respectively for a total of 10 oz).

Now you have a total of 6 drinks available in the container. This is the minimum number of drinks you must have on the Master Cleanse.

it's a new year!
make it your best year ever-


  1. just a note...i make a batch at a time:
    3 or 4 lemons (depending on size), peeled, seeded
    3/4 c (12T) Maple Syrup - Grade B
    1/2tsp-3 heaping tsp!! cayenne pepper (to taste)
    You can always increase the amount on your next batch if it is not "hot' enough for you
    2 cups spring water
    Put all ingredients in a high powered blender and blend away for about 45 seconds.
    Pour the mixture into a 2 quart container.
    if it is too strong dilute w/more water.

  2. You cannot take Cayenne capsules! Part of the reaction to Cayenne is what your body does when it reacts to the flavor of it in your mouth. This point is made very clear in the Peter Glickman book.


  3. Easy full day supply recipe. 8oz Fresh Lemon / 8oz Grade B Maple / 2/5 teaspoon Cayenne or less / 100oz water.

  4. thanks for the clarification dan man :)