Tuesday, December 8, 2009

75:100 healing

75:100 healing, education & inspiration

the 100 day challenge is 3/4 over already!!!
today i am posting some things that i learned from this week
and that inspired me to keep on keeping on.

first a clip i saw on penni shelton's raw food rehab:
the anti-cancer garden with dr steve

Rosemary Fletcher spent 11 years confined to a wheelchair and doctors said she will never walk again. Thanks to the raw food diet she went from 305 lbs to 120 lbs and now walks one mile a day.

stress dna & healing the body with the way we eat

The human body is a wondrous, miraculous healing machine.

Last month I discussed the role of the digestive enzymes and the pancreas, and how an organic raw living foods vegan diet improves digestion, nutrition and our energy levels. Today we’re going to look at the role of stress in disease, and how that relates to your DNA and healing.

Think of your DNA as being like a piece of thread, or yarn. If you’ve ever twisted a piece of thread tighter and tighter, you may have noticed how the strands of the thread start to fray, breaking in small places along its length as you tightened.

When we undergo stress our DNA does the same thing. This stress can come through work, our families, our neighbors, our circumstances, the weather… but the biggest component of bodily stress is – what we eat.

That’s right. When we eat a diet of processed, pesticided, herbicided, preserved foods, the work our body has to do to remove those toxins creates large amounts of stress.

When the body is stressed our DNA helix gets tighter and tighter. When it becomes too tight genome pairs start to fail, just like a fraying thread.

The genetic component of disease comes from this DNA predisposition. If your mother’s DNA failed at the gene that prevents breast cancer, then you’ll have the same genetic tendency when your genome pairs start to fail. If your father had prostate issues, then you will, too, because the same gene pair will tend to fail under stress.

When we eat a diet that is high in organic raw living foods we reduce the stress in our bodies for the reasons we’ve discussed in the previous articles – detoxification of our body tissue, and reduced workload on the pancreas, liver and kidneys. Our DNA then loosens just like a released thread, and heals itself.

Here’s the really good news:

• All of the tissue atoms in your body are replaced every six months.
• All of the bone atoms are replaced in six months to two years.
• When those atoms are replaced the DNA is replicated, and depending upon the stress levels in your body, will get better or worse.

hope you are having a great day-

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