Thursday, December 10, 2009

78:100 after the storm

78:100 after the storm

we had the first storm of the winter season yesterday!
it snowed heavy and fast and right away
i had over 7" mid morning with more still
coming down for a couple of hours.
sadly (for snow lovers) the snow changed over to rain
for the rest of the day, thereby compacting
the snow to half it's height.
i heard some around me measured 12" before that.
the good thing about it, is that the heavy snow
packs into perfect snowballs and rolls great snowmen!

i spent the day busily uncooking to prepare for
a volunteer construction job site for fri- sun nite.
i made a double batch of raw smokin' hot chili
i combined 3 recipes and made my own remix.
the secret in there is extra chipotle powder (sizzle!)
then i made some sweet apple cinnamon flax crackers (recipe here)
and a cranberry walnut cashew cheese spread for them... (recipe available here)

i made a black & white savory cracker
and a cheddar bar cheese spread for those crackers.
(recipes will be in raw delights)

i already have a lovely almond granola, crispy corn
chips, spicy cheese-it's.
and with these hot and dense foods i hope to
withstand the cold temperatures we are expect.
i feel my pantry is well stocked today :)
the only thing i might still make are some
chocolate coconut energy balls.

so remember to eat raw food to keep warm!
i always tote along a shaker bottle of cayenne
to add to any foods i wish to warm up
(i even sprinkle it on my salads-WOW!)
till next time