Friday, December 25, 2009

85:100 overcoming food imprint

85:100 overcoming food imprint

such an interesting 2 videos that the boutenko family has made available
i especially enjoyed watching the pre-schoolers
learning to like foods that at home they refused to eat.

Valya’s award-winning documentary, “Overcoming the Food Imprint” contains such an important message about helping children eat healthfully, that she decided to make two large sections of it available for free on Youtube.

This short film explores the reasons why children are often resistant to eating healthfully. Victoria explains that the food imprint is the first and most important imprint we learn because it is natures way of teaching us survival skills.

You will also learn about what can be done to inspire children to make healthful choices. In part 2 there are some wonderful tips on how to practically approach eating well in the home.

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