Monday, January 11, 2010

bread crackers & wraps

i just scheduled a class
a basic dehydrator class
to make bread (onion bread, mmmm)

crackers (sweet & savory)

and wraps (my FAVORITE!!)

sunday 3:30 pm for 2 hours
raw vegan food, yum!

i am always excited to teach
but this will be an especially fun class
with take away samples

i think people going raw tend to miss the
convenience of the sandwich

the crunch of snack foods
and the ease of a wrap (one more satisfying
than a lettuce leaf.)

so i am about to pre-make all the recipes
so that we can have a finished product available for tasting
since these recipes can take 5+ hours in the D.

i have already gotten some excited responses
and am really psyched to have sunday here!

have a super day!!!


  1. I really need to learn to make raw bread and crackers at some point. Yours look so delicious. =)

  2. I had tried making onion bread and well... it was too oniony [I know it is not a word], so I gave up. It would be great to make a bread that tasted delicious.

  3. thanks all!
    elena, the onion bread is always too onion-y for me too... until i began using sweet vidallia onions. if onions are mild & sweet to eat to begin with- they make good onion bread. also you can cut the amount of onion by substituting zucchini or the like.