Thursday, January 7, 2010

healing balm

in continuation of my calendula blog
i got my mountain rose herbal order yesterday afternoon
ripped open the box (everything looks so good!)
and gathered everything i needed to make a healing balm.

the first thing i did was strain the soaking calendula petals
(1 oz petals in a pint glass jar covered with good olive oil,
capped and shaken daily for 2 weeks)
i netted 1-3/4 c golden oil

then i powdered some beeswax in my coffee grinder
and weighed out 1/2 oz on my digital scale
i put this powder in my 1 c saucepan
along with 3/4c calendula oil
and set it on my woodstove to slowly melt

once it was melted and stirred
i poured it into little blue glass jars
labeled them and let them cool.
the balm became semi-soft, semi-hard
perfect for a finger dip and spreads
perfectly on warm skin

i got the measurements from
the herbal medicine-maker's handbook

what a treasure this book is, with all the how-to's
i actually bought my copy in a very small bookstore
along the way on an anniversary trip to old forge ny
it was a book i hadn't seen and was more modernized than
my "back to eden" book that i had been using for 20+ years now.

another very good herb book!

i then made a lotion also for the sweet little baby
with the excema that is making his little 4 month old life difficult.
this i made from an strong tea of healing and cooling herbs, oils and vitamins
along with some of the healing balm i had just completed.
when i gave the balm & lotion to the mommy
i did mention that it is not cortisone and herbs take longer to
take effect, but, being the ingredients were all organic
and well researched, it is SAFE
and even if he licked some
he would come to no harm.

i am now about to make some super-fatted soap for the same use.

when i was cleaning up i rubbed the remnants from the mini
food processor onto my hands and face. it absorbed well.
and i was ultra-delighted at how soft and smooth and young
the skin felt immediately!
thinking i may make another batch just for me! :)

oh, & by the way-
beeswax does not seem to come off in the dishwasher
so you'll have to hand wash to clean up well. :)

i will let you know if this helps the wee one.

till next time, stay well!


  1. Your balm looks awesome! What a nice thing to make for the little one:)

    I would love to check out those two books! Thanks for posting this:)

  2. i'd love to make my own balms. thanks for sharing!=)