Friday, January 22, 2010

oh look!

oh look
some kind person i did not know
did something nice for me

thank you shawn for the link to my blog!!!
back atcha :)

i am packing (food) for a week long trip

many dehydrated things.

i have these wonderful little chocolate coconut macaroons
that are calling (yelling, really) my name
but i keep telling them "not today my little sweeties!"


i also have 7 wonderful granola bars with chocolate drizzle
that really look too good to eat.
but you know they are not...since there used to be 8
crunch crunch, yum!

i have a head of cauliflower on the counter
ready to make some unfried rice for the next few days
the petite peas are not quite as raw as could be
but they are green and taste oh so fine
and add that element of color
and reality
to a remade to raw dish.
here is where i found the how-to for it...

isn't she just a hoot?! i love watching her.
here is the list of ingredients for this dish:
Green petite peas
Nama shoyu
Sesame oil

off to prepare!
have a lovely day all


very yum!!! (thank you michelle)


  1. ooo cool! I made something similar to this for one of the raw food gigs I catered... but I didn't add the nama shoyu... this looks waay better than mine! thanks for the link!
    wow! I just realized it's like 12:45 am your time and here I am just getting into my evening! xoxoxox! kika =>

  2. thx :)
    it was yummy and didn't get that sulfur smell after a day in the fridge like the mashed "potato" recipes tend to do using cauliflower.
    i froze a portion to see how that works out, i will be defrosting it when i get back from the trip.