Monday, January 18, 2010

life is good

life is good
i have a clean house at the beginning of the day.
i taught a lovely class yesterday
and i have a dehydrator full of good food.

i just munched on a handful of cinnamon apple flax crackers
and dunked them in almond butter for a nice
stick to the ribs lunch, finishing off with a small banana.
now all i need is a spot of tea. mmm

we had a touch of snow last night
i wish it fell earlier
so my dh & i could have had a nice walk in it
as it fell... big fluffly flakes

instead i leaned towards the window from my warm spot in the bed
and thru sleepy eyes saw the beautiful snow falling
dropped on my very comfy pillow and had good dreams.


i went out today and cut some cedar & pine branches
to arrange in a heavy crystal vase
i placed it on a new white tablecloth with teeny hearts
lacing the edges

life is good today

i wish every day felt this wonderful...


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